Class PatternGA

  extended by jenes.GeneticAlgorithm<IntegerChromosome>
      extended by jenes.tutorials.problem2.PatternGA

public class PatternGA
extends GeneticAlgorithm<IntegerChromosome>

Tutorial showing how to extend GeneticAlgorithm and how to use the flexible and configurable breeding structure in Jenes. The problem consists in searching a pattern of integers with a given precision. Solutions flow through two different crossovers in parallel. Some are processed by a single point crossover, the other by a double point crossover. After solutions are mutated. This class implements the algorithm by extending GeneticAlgorithm.

Luigi Troiano, Pierpaolo Lombardi

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class jenes.GeneticAlgorithm
GeneticAlgorithm.ElitismStrategy, GeneticAlgorithm.ResizeStrategy, GeneticAlgorithm.Statistics
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class jenes.GeneticAlgorithm
algorithmListeners, body, DEFAULT_GENERATION_LIMIT, DEFAULT_HISTORY_SIZE, elitism, elitismStrategy, fullEvaluationForced, generation, generationLimit, generationListeners, initialPopulation, MAX_HISTORY_SIZE, MIN_HISTORY_SIZE, random, randomization, resizeStrategy, statistics
Constructor Summary
PatternGA(Population<IntegerChromosome> pop, int numGen)
Method Summary
protected  boolean end()
          Provides the algorithm termination condition.
 void evaluateIndividual(Individual<IntegerChromosome> individual)
          Evaluates a single individual.
 void setPrecision(int precision)
 void setTarget(int[] target)
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addAlgorithmEventListener, addGenerationEventListener, addStage, applyElitism, evaluatePopulation, evaluatePopulation, evolve, evolve, evolve, getBody, getCurrentPopulation, getElitism, getElitismStrategy, getGeneration, getGenerationLimit, getHistoryAt, getHistorySize, getInitialPopulation, getNextPopulation, getRandomization, getResizeStrategy, getStatistics, isBiggerBetter, isFullEvaluationForced, onGeneration, onInit, onStart, onStop, randomizeIndividual, randomizePopulation, removeAlgorithmEventListener, removeGenerationEventListener, setBiggerIsBetter, setElitism, setElitismStrategy, setFullEvaluationForced, setGenerationLimit, setHistorySize, setRandomization, setRandomization, setResizeStrategy, start, stop, toString, updateStatistics
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Constructor Detail


public PatternGA(Population<IntegerChromosome> pop,
                 int numGen)
Method Detail


public void setTarget(int[] target)


public void setPrecision(int precision)


public void evaluateIndividual(Individual<IntegerChromosome> individual)
Description copied from class: GeneticAlgorithm
Evaluates a single individual. This evaluation of individuals is specifically related to the problem to solve, thus it is an abstract method requiring an implementation by the sublass.

Specified by:
evaluateIndividual in class GeneticAlgorithm<IntegerChromosome>
individual - the individual to be evaluated


protected boolean end()
Description copied from class: GeneticAlgorithm
Provides the algorithm termination condition. By default it returns false as reaching the generation limit is the sole ending criterion Subclasses can override this method in order to provide a problem specific termination condition.

end in class GeneticAlgorithm<IntegerChromosome>
true if the ga evolution reached the termination condition, false otherwise