Class TSPScrambleMutator

  extended by jenes.stage.AbstractStage<T>
      extended by jenes.stage.operator.Operator<T>
          extended by jenes.stage.operator.Mutator<IntegerChromosome>
              extended by jenes.tutorials.problem3.TSPScrambleMutator

public class TSPScrambleMutator
extends Mutator<IntegerChromosome>

Algorithm description: Two random indexes, i1 and i2, are choosed; the order of the elements within the range [i1,i2] changes randomly. e.g. i1=0; i2=3 position: 0 1 2 3 4 5 start_chrom: 5 2 1 4 6 3 end_chrom: 2 5 4 1 6 3

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random, statistics
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biggerIsBetter, ga
Constructor Summary
TSPScrambleMutator(double pMut)
Method Summary
protected  void mutate(Individual<IntegerChromosome> t)
          Mutates a single individual.
 void randomize(IntegerChromosome chrom, int min, int max)
          Randomizes the elements chromosome within the range [min,max]
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Constructor Detail


public TSPScrambleMutator(double pMut)
Method Detail


protected void mutate(Individual<IntegerChromosome> t)
Description copied from class: Mutator
Mutates a single individual. This abstract method is implemented according to a mutation policy

Specified by:
mutate in class Mutator<IntegerChromosome>
t - the individual to mutate


public void randomize(IntegerChromosome chrom,
                      int min,
                      int max)
Randomizes the elements chromosome within the range [min,max]

chrom - the individual to mutate
min - the lower bound
max - the upper bound