Package jenes.stage

Class Summary
AbstractStage<T extends Chromosome> A generic genetic algorithm stage.
BreakPoint<T extends Chromosome> Stage representing a break point.
BreakPoint.Listener Abstract class representing a break point listener.
Dispenser<T extends Chromosome> A Dispencer distributes a population between the branches of a parallel stage and merges the output of each branch in the output population of the parallel.
ExclusiveDispenser<T extends Chromosome> An abstract dispencer useful when each individual can be in only one parallel branch, so the distribute method is exclusive.
Parallel<T extends Chromosome> A parallel is formed by differents branches; each branch receives a subpopolation according to the population dispenser used (see Dispenser.distribute(Population, Population[])).
Sequence<T extends Chromosome> A sequence is like a "pipe".

Exception Summary
StageException An exception thrown during a stage processing.