Class TSPCrossover

  extended by jenes.stage.AbstractStage<T>
      extended by jenes.stage.operator.Operator<T>
          extended by jenes.stage.operator.Crossover<IntegerChromosome>
              extended by jenes.performance.TSPCrossover

public class TSPCrossover
extends Crossover<IntegerChromosome>

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Field Summary
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random, statistics
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biggerIsBetter, ga
Constructor Summary
TSPCrossover(double probability)
Method Summary
protected  void cross(Individual<IntegerChromosome>[] offsprings)
          Executes the crossover.
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
protected  int spread()
          Returns the number of individuals involved by this crossover operator
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Constructor Detail


public TSPCrossover(double probability)
Method Detail


protected int spread()
Description copied from class: Crossover
Returns the number of individuals involved by this crossover operator

Specified by:
spread in class Crossover<IntegerChromosome>
the number of individuals required by crossover


protected void cross(Individual<IntegerChromosome>[] offsprings)
Description copied from class: Crossover
Executes the crossover. At the invocation time the specified array contains the individuals to be modify by cross; at the return time it contains the output crossover individuals.

Specified by:
cross in class Crossover<IntegerChromosome>
offsprings - the individuals to be modified.


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)