Package jenes.chromosome

Interface Summary
AlleleSet<T> An AlleleSet represents an alphabet of object gene allele values.
Chromosome<T extends Chromosome> The abstract class Chromosome is the superclass of all chromosomes, providing the specification of genoma operations used by genetic operators during the algorithm evolution.

Class Summary
BitwiseChromosome This class provides chromosomes made of bits.
BitwiseChromosome.BitCoding<T> Represents the coding used by a BitwiseChromosome.
BooleanChromosome A BooleanChromosome is made of an array of booleans.
DoubleChromosome A DoubleChromosome is made of an array of double values.
GenericAlleleSet<T> A GenericAlleleSet represents a concrete allele set implementation.
IntegerChromosome An IntegerChromosome is made of an array of integers.
ObjectChromosome An ObjectChromosome is made of objects.
ObjectChromosome.Gene An ObjectChromosome's gene.
PermutationChromosome This class provides a chromosome able to model permutations.

Enum Summary
BitwiseChromosome.BitSize Definition of the number bit length and mask to use in the coding operations.