Class RoyalGA

  extended by jenes.GeneticAlgorithm<BitwiseChromosome>
      extended by jenes.performance.RoyalGA

public class RoyalGA
extends GeneticAlgorithm<BitwiseChromosome>

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GeneticAlgorithm.ElitismStrategy, GeneticAlgorithm.ResizeStrategy, GeneticAlgorithm.Statistics
Field Summary
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algorithmListeners, body, DEFAULT_GENERATION_LIMIT, DEFAULT_HISTORY_SIZE, elitism, elitismStrategy, generation, generationLimit, generationListeners, initialPopulation, MAX_HISTORY_SIZE, MIN_HISTORY_SIZE, random, randomization, resizeStrategy, statistics
Constructor Summary
RoyalGA(Population<BitwiseChromosome> pop, int gen, int sectionSize, int blockSize, int numBlocks)
Method Summary
protected  void evaluateIndividual(Individual<BitwiseChromosome> individual)
          Evaluates a single individual.
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
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addAlgorithmEventListener, addGenerationEventListener, addStage, applyElitism, end, evaluatePopulation, evolve, evolve, getBody, getCurrentPopulation, getElitism, getElitismStrategy, getGeneration, getGenerationLimit, getHistoryAt, getHistorySize, getInitialPopulation, getNextPopulation, getRandomization, getResizeStrategy, getStatistics, isBiggerBetter, onGeneration, onInit, onStart, onStop, randomizeIndividual, randomizePopulation, removeAlgorithmEventListener, removeGenerationEventListener, setBiggerIsBetter, setElitism, setElitismStrategy, setGenerationLimit, setHistorySize, setRandomization, setRandomization, setResizeStrategy, start, stop, toString, updateStatistics
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Constructor Detail


public RoyalGA(Population<BitwiseChromosome> pop,
               int gen,
               int sectionSize,
               int blockSize,
               int numBlocks)
pop -
gen -
sectionSize - the length of each section
blockSize - the length of each block (each of them is contained by a section)
numBlocks - the number of blocks
Method Detail


protected void evaluateIndividual(Individual<BitwiseChromosome> individual)
Description copied from class: GeneticAlgorithm
Evaluates a single individual. This evaluation of individuals is specifically related to the problem to solve, thus it is an abstract method requiring an implementation by the sublass.

Specified by:
evaluateIndividual in class GeneticAlgorithm<BitwiseChromosome>
individual - the individual to be evaluated


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)